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Can a Metal Roof Be Installed Over a Shingle Roof?

Updated: May 20, 2022

In most cases, yes, we can install a metal roof over your existing asphalt-shingle roof. However, some jurisdictions, such as Mobile and Baldwin Counties in Alabama, do not allow it in their codes.

When it is permitted, it can work great. You may be surprised that metal roofs are actually light. This may contribute to the growing popularity of metal roofs in recent years.

Additionally, since metal reflects heat, you may get some insulation function from the asphalt shingles that remain under your new metal roof.

We will need to inspect your existing roof to make sure the structure is sound and there are no leaks. And we may add an underlayment to prevent direct contact between the asphalt shingles and the metal.

If you think this might work for you, call us for a free estimate.



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